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Chips, English as Chip; chipset Chipset. Generally refers to an integrated circuit chip carrier, but also through the results of IC design, manufacturing, packaging, testing after, usually an independent entity can use immediately. "Chip" and "IC" These two words are often mixed use, we usually discuss topics such as the integrated circuit design and chip design that is a meaning, the chip industry, IC industry, IC industry is also often a meaning . In fact, these two words are linked, there are differences. IC entity often exist in the form of chips, since narrow integrated circuit emphasis circuit itself, such as a simple element to be connected together to form a five phase shift oscillator, when it presented on the drawing, we You can also call the integrated circuit, when we bring this small integrated circuit applications, then it must be a separate piece of material objects, or embedded into a larger integrated circuit chip to rely on him to play the role; IC more focus on the design and layout of the circuit, the integrated circuit chip more emphasis on the production and packaging. The broad integrated circuits, when it comes to industry (as distinct from other sectors), the chip can also contain a variety of related meanings.
Chip has its unique place, in a broad sense, as long as the use of micro-machining tools manufactured semiconductor film, can be called a chip, which is not necessarily a circuit. For example, the semiconductor light source chip; eg mechanical chip, such as MEMS gyroscopes; such as DNA chips or biochips. In communications and information technology, when confined to the silicon integrated circuit, the integrated circuit chip and the intersection is in the "circuit on a silicon wafer" on. Chipset, it is a combination of a series of interconnected chips, they depend, together play a greater role, such as the inside of a computer processor and north and south bridge chipset, the phone inside the RF, baseband and power management chip set .
Computer chips
If the CPU compared to the heart of the computer system, then the chipset on the motherboard is the entire body of the trunk. For the motherboard, the chipset almost decided this motherboard functions, thereby affecting the play of the entire computer system performance chipset motherboard soul.
Chipset (Chipset) is the core component of the board, according to the arrangement of the different positions on the motherboard, usually divided into Northbridge and Southbridge. Northbridge provides CPU type and frequency, type and maximum capacity of memory, ISA / PCI / AGP slots, ECC error correction support. Southbridge chip provides for KBC (keyboard controller), RTC (real time clock controller), USB (universal serial bus), Ultra DMA / 33 (66) EIDE data transmission
Way and ACPI (Advanced Energy Management) and other support. Northbridge which plays a dominant role, also called the main bridge (Host Bridge).
Identify the chipset is also very easy to Intel440BX chipset, for example, it is Intel 82443BX Northbridge chip, usually near the location of the CPU socket on the motherboard, due to the high heat of the chip, this chip mounted on the heat tablets. Southbridge near the ISA and PCI slot position, chip name for Intel 82371EB. Other chipsets arrangement position is basically the same. For different chipset, performance is the performance gap.
In addition to the most common structure Southbridge chipset forward more advanced development accelerated hub architecture, Intel's 8xx series chipset is representative of such chipsets will subsystems such as an IDE interface, sound, MODEM and USB direct access to the main chip, can provide a wide bandwidth than PCI bus doubled, reaching 266MB / s; in addition, the SiS SiS635 / SiS735 chipset is a new kind of army. In addition to supporting the latest DDR266, DDR200 and PC133 SDRAM and other specifications, but also supports four-speed AGP graphics card interface and Fast Write function, IDE ATA33 / 66/100, and a built-in 3D stereo sound, high-speed data transfer capabilities include 56K data communication (Modem), high-speed Ethernet transmission (Fast Ethernet), 1M / 10M home network (Home PNA) and so on.
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