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Definition of QFP and Introduction

QFP Quad Flat Package is an abbreviation of "mini-quad flat package" means. QFP package in the early cards used more frequently, but rarely more than speed 4ns QFP package memory, because the process and performance issues, has gradually been replaced by TSOP-II and BGA. QFP package with pins all around the particle identification is pretty obvious.
Four side-pin flat package. One of the surface mount package, pins from four sides were drawn gull wing (L) type. Base with ceramic, metal and plastic three. In volume terms, accounting for the vast majority of plastic packaging. When the material is not particularly shown, in most cases a plastic QFP. Plastic QFP is the most popular multi-pin LSI package. Not only for the microprocessor, and other digital logic gate array LSI circuit, but also for VTR signal processing, an analog audio signal processing LSI circuits. Pin center distance has 1.0mm, 0.8mm, 0.65mm, 0.5mm, 0.4mm, 0.3mm, and other specifications. 0.65mm center distance specifications up to 304 pin count.
pin QFP japon center distance of less than 0.65mm called QFP (FP). But japon electronic machinery industry will QFP form factor has been re-evaluated. Indiscriminately from the pin center, but divided QFP (2.0mm ~ 3.6mm thick), LQFP (1.4mm thick) and TQFP (1.0mm thick) three according to the thickness of the package body.
In addition, some LSI manufacturers to center distance of 0.5mm pin QFP specially called contractile QFP or SQFP, VQFP. However, some manufacturers put the pin center distance of 0.65mm and 0.4mm of QFP also called SQFP, to make the name a little confusion. QFP drawback is that when pins
When the center distance is less than 0.65mm, pins easily bent. In order to prevent the pin deformation, has appeared in several improved varieties QFP. The package of four corners with resin cushion BQFP (see BQFP); protective ring with resin covering the front of the pin GQFP (see GQFP); setting up a test bumps in the package body, and placed in a dedicated pin to prevent deformation fixture can be tested in TPQFP (see TPQFP). In terms of logic LSI, a lot of product development and high-reliability products are packaged in multilayer ceramic QFP. Pin center distance of a minimum of 0.4mm, pin count up to 348 products have been available. In addition, it also uses a glass sealed ceramic QFP (see Gerqa d).
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