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Structural characteristics of the BGA

(Plasric BGA) carrier is a conventional printed circuit board substrate, usually 2 to 4 layers of multilayer organic material, the chip is connected by way of wire bonding onto the support surface, the support surface connected to the plastic molded eutectic solder ball array. For example, the Intel CPU series PemtiumII, III, IV processors are using this package. There CDPBGA (Carity Down PBGA), refers to the package has a square sunken central chip area (also known as: cavity area).
Advantages: the cost of the package is relatively low; and QFP compared, less susceptible to mechanical damage; electronic assembly for large quantities; the same font and PCB substrate, almost the same thermal expansion coefficient, welding, very little stress on the correspondence, on the joints reliability is also less affected.
Disadvantages: easy to absorb moisture.
(CeramicBGA) support for multilayer ceramic, ceramic chip carrier connection can take two forms: wire bonding; flip-chip technology. For example, the Intel CPU series PemtiumI, II, PemtiumI Pro processors are using this package.
Pros: excellent electrical and thermal properties; both good seal; and QFP compared to less susceptible to mechanical damage; for I / O count is greater than 250 electronic assembly.
Disadvantages: Compared with the PCB different thermal expansion coefficients, when the large package size, leading to thermal cycling failure of correspondence.
(FilpChipBGA) using rigid multilayer substrate.
CCGA is CBGA size larger than 32 * 32mm when another form, except that instead of using solder columns solder balls. Solder columns using eutectic solder connection or direct-mounted at the bottom of the casting ceramics.
The advantages and disadvantages CCGA much the same, except that the solder columns to withstand the stress generated by the different CTE, can be used in large-size package.
Carrier with dual metal layer, flip-chip connection technology.
Pros: You can achieve a smaller and lighter package; for I / O count can be more packages; have good electrical properties; suitable for volume electronics assembly; solder joint reliability.
Disadvantages: easy to absorb moisture; high packaging costs.
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