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What BGA Introduction and concept is?

BGA stands for Ball Grid Array (PCB ball grid array structure), which is integrated with organic carrier board an encapsulation method. It has: ①, small footprint; ②, increased functionality, increased the number of pins; ③, PCB board is dissolved welding self-centered, easy on the tin; high ④, reliability; good ⑤, electrical properties, low overall cost and so on. BGA PCB board has more holes in general, most customers BGA vias under design for the finished hole diameter 8 ~ 12mil, BGA surface at a distance to the hole to fit the specifications for 31.5mil, for example, is generally not less than 10.5mil. BGA vias need to plug the hole next, BGA pads are not allowed on the ink, not drilling on the BGA pads.
BGA also Back Ground Animation acronym meaning: background animation
Refers to music and games and other multimedia products, as an expression Back Ground Animation animated content for the background
Approximation with BGM, BGM for: Back Ground Music (BGM)
Introduction concept
Advantages BGA package I / O terminals with round or columnar joints distributed in a matrix form below package, BGA technology is the I / O pin count, although increased, but the pitch is not reduced but increased, thus improving the assembly yield; although its power consumption increases, but can be controlled collapse chip BGA soldering method, which can improve its electric performance; the thickness and weight of packaging technology than the previous decline; reduce parasitics, signal transmission delay is small, the frequency of use is greatly improved; available coplanar welding assembly, and high reliability.
Speaking BGA package without mentioning Kingmax's patented technology TinyBGA, TinyBGA English called Tiny Ball Grid Array (small ball grid array package), is a branch belonging BGA packaging technology. Is Kingmax in August 1998 the company successfully developed than its chip area and packaging area of not less than 1: 1.14, you can make the memory in the case of constant volume increase memory capacity of 2 to 3 times compared with the TSOP packages having a smaller size, better thermal and electrical properties.
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